Indian Stories was founded to bring together the diverse craft works from india. Indian Stories bring you the finest handicrafts handcrafted by artisans from every corner of the country. We have a strong bond with the different cultures of India and its diversity and we get immense joy in sharing our traditions with the world.

Every product will take you on a journey from the humble backgrounds of the maker to the technique used to make it or just the history behind the product.

We ensure we promote original, natural, craft based, sustainable, environment friendly and affordable products and its packaging. We choose products that are made from traditional techniques, skills and hand-based processes. We connect skill and craft based rural producers with the needs of the western audience which also helps in creating sustainable rural employment. We offer a wide variety of products including Brass Statues, Incense Sticks, Copper Bottles, Spiritual Jewellery and much more. Our endeavour is to showcase products from Spiritual India on a global stage.